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We are one of the leading manufacturers of Chemical Plant & Machineries in India having an experience of more than 60 years in the field of Crushing, Grinding, Drying, Blending & Conveying, Blowers, Dust Collectors etc. etc. Our units are Engineering units professionally managed by Techno-Crats / Engineers and have full fledged engineering workshop with latest equipments and are designing the Machines / Plants using Auto-CAD on Graphic Workstations . We pioneered much of the technology in use today for Pulverisers & flash dryers cum Pulverisers in India. 



  • Who Indigenously developed Pulverizer and solved many grinding problems.
  • Who developed Sulphur Grinding Mill with Inert Gas Atmosphere, the grinding of which is supposed to be highly explosive & hazardous and thus able to develop almost Explosion Free Sulphur Grinding System.
  • Who have attached Pulveriser in Flash Dryers & gave an Ultrafine dry product in one single operation.
  • Who have run the Pulverizer Automatically under maximum yield conditions through our Digital (Automatic) Feed Controller.
  • Who designed and developed ‘Free Silica Separation System’ & Static Classifier in Pulverizer which resulted in minimal quantity of Free Silica & Grits in product.
  • Who separated metal from it’s dross during Grinding.
  • Who have designed and developed equipments especially for Pesticide industries which are supposed to be very complicated and thus have played an important role in THE GREEN REVOLUTION.
  • Who have converted Pulveriser in to Open Circuit Grinding by attaching Reverse Jet Pulse Air Bag Filter thus reducing power consumption to almost 50%.
  • Who have designed and developed continuous drying system for the drying of Phosphorous Penta Chloride.
  • Who have designed & developed cooler grinding system for the spices grinding thus protecting all volatile matter during grinding operation in the end product.

Our Singhasini concerns dedicated in service to the Nation & Industry are:

Singhasini Dry Chem

Singhasini Engineers & Consultants

Singhasini Engineering Systems

Singhasini Heavy Machines & Chemical Plants (India)


Er. Rudra Prakash

Er. Sanjay Srivastava

Er. Sandeep Srivastava




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+91 – 9415126348


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