Ribbon Blenders



SINGHASINI RIBBON BLENDER are self contained, compact, dust tight blenders designed for fast mixing of powders. They are used in leading processing plants for mixing materials such as chemicals, foods, drugs, medicines, cosmetics, plastics, synthetics, dyes, fertilizers, insecticides, animal feeds, and many other products. Wherever light to medium mixing is required, there is a Singhasini Ribbon Blender which is ideal for the job.

Principle of Operation:

Materials with varying densities can be mixed thoroughly in a remarkable short time. Perfect distribution of even smallest quantities added is effected and final product homogeneity is assured. In addition to mixing, shearing action in the interface provides mild kneading. Designed in such a manner that outer ribbon conveys from end towards center, where as inner conveys from center towards end.

Rugged Construction:

Fabricated out of heavy steel, or any specified material of construction. Design aspects planned for maximum efficiency in leak proof construction. It has fabricated ‘U’ trough having well aligned and balanced shaft which carries ribbons over it. The shaft running in UNI Block Bearing housing with heavy duty self aligning Ball/Roller Bearings fitted in dust proof housing, gland packing compact unit with built in drive arrangement/gear box as specified and supporting legs. Blenders are available from few liters to few thousand liters, tailor made designs are also available.

Ribbon Blender Specification

130040050060015003 to 556
250075060075018005 to 1048
31000127080095018007.5 to1538
4150018409001050200010 to 2032
52000255010501200200015 to 3028
63000334010501200300020 to 3020
74500524013501500300030 to 5024
85500665015001650300040 to 6021
97000850015001650400040 to 6018
108500990016501800400050 to 7518

We have developed few special sizes which can be fitted directly under the cyclone of the Pulveriser for Continuous Blending specially for Pesticides Formulation.

NOTE : As improvements are made from time to time the specifications and dimensions given above are subject to change without notice.

Special Sizes

161081076090018007.5 to 1045
29001130760900250010 to 1545
313501700760900380015 to2045


Designed By: Rass Biosolution Pvt. Ltd.