Reverse Jet Pulse Air Dust Collector


SINGHASINI Bag Filters use the well proven air pulse jet cleaning system . The Filter casing has tubular filter sleeves, supported on wire cage . Dirty gas is cleaned by dust particles clinging / stopping on the filter media surface . Clean gas flows on through the filter sleeve and out from the top of filter mounting tube sheet . These Bag filters when used can arrest particles down to 1 micron in size with fairly good collection efficiency .

The Tubular Filter Sleeves are neatly grouped in row of multiple elements . While the filters remain on service , through an auto time sequencing system they are back washed by a strong pulse of compressed air which shakes loose the accumulated dirt particles . The dust falls to the collection hopper and is out through Air Lock Valve.

We also supply special Bag Filters to handle potentially explosive materials by incorporating Explosion relief valves and using special Anti-Static Filter Media and mounting accessories . For continuous duty only compressed Air / Gas is required besides few Watts control power .

Designed By: Rass Biosolution Pvt. Ltd.