Tray Dryers


SINGHASINI Tray Dryer consists of rigid angle iron frame covered with heavily insulated glass wool on all sides to prevent heat losses from the dryer and mild steel sheet covering , provided with fresh air inlet & adjustable air outlet. The Dryer is finished internally with SS316 / SS304 or Aluminum sheet or heat resistant Aluminum paint to minimize heat losses . Heating is done with electrical heaters / steam heaters or indirect fired hot air generators to achieve required temperature . Cross flow air circulation is maintained in the dryer in such a way that hot air passes over the trays and through it on the sides where it is reheated and recirculated to continue the cycle. A part of air is bled off to reduce moisture content. SINGHASINI tray Dryers are available in 48 , 96 , 192 trays with Aluminum trays and M.S. trolleys . Explosion safety door is available for special application dryer . Dryer is provided with Pre-wired control panel consisting of Digital Temperature Controllers , Contactors , Over Current Relays , Fuses , Indicating Lamps , Push Buttons etc etc.


Tray Dryer Specification:

Nos. Of Trays4896192
Nos. Of FansOneTwoFour
Nos.Of Motor / H.P.One/1.0Two/2.0Four/4.0
Heating Load 100 /150 Deg C6/912/1824/36
Nos. Of DoorsOneTwoTwo
Size Of Tray32 x 16 x 1.2532 x 16 x 1.2532 x 16 x 1.25
Power SupplyAC,3Ph,415V,50HzAC,3Ph,415V,50HzAC,3Ph,415V,50Hz

Designed By: Rass Biosolution Pvt. Ltd.