Rotary Dryer


SINGHASINI Rotary Dryer operated at almost atmospheric pressure consists of a M.S.Cylindrical shell, ranging in length from four to ten times its diameter, into which the wet charge is fed continuously at one end and is discharged at the other, the movement of the material being due usually to the combined effect of  inclination of the shell to the horizontal and the action of internal lifting flights during the rotation of the shell.  The latter is usually provided with machined girth rings supported on suitable designed bearings.  Rotation of the shell is secured by the action of suitable gearing. Hot air produced from Hot Air Generator (Direct or Indirect ) is injected into the dryer to achieve the required dryness of the material . The discharge end of the Rotary Dryer consists of sealing arrangement , Cyclone and Dust Collector.


Rotary Dryers are tailor made Dryers and sizes depend on individual requirement, should you require any information please feel free to get in touch with us.

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