Reaction Vessels (Agitator / Mixer)


SINGHASINI Reactors are extensively used by many Chemical Process Industries Viz. Pulp & Paper, Food, Polymerization, Coagulation & Flocculation, Pharmaceuticals, Paint and Breweries etc . Design of Reactor depends on host of features such as R.P.M., Size of Tank, Physical Properties of Fluid, Presence of Baffles and Heat of Reaction etc. Reactor / Agitator / Mixer have wide application in Heat Transfer. Mass Transfer and Dispersion equipment’s. Types of Impellers used are Marine type Propeller, Pitched Blade Turbine, Curved Blade Turbine, Anchor Impeller, Helical Screw Impeller and Flat Blade Turbine . Wide applications warrant the use of various material of construction such as M.S., SS304 / SS316x, Rubber lined, PVC lined etc. Stuffing box and Double Mechanical Seals with Siphon assembly are provided as per requirement .

Reaction Vessels / Agitators / Mixers are tailor made equipments and sizes depend on individual requirement, should you require any information please feel free to get in touch with us.

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