Jaw Crushers



Singhasini Jaw crushers are single toggle type jaw crushers. The main body is fabricated of heavy-duty cast iron or M.S. Plates; this carries a main eccentric shaft, which imparts to and fro elliptical motion to the jaw stock on which a corrugated Manganese Steel Jaw is fixed. The crushing is achieved in between fixed Manganese Steel jaw held in the body and the jaw held in the Swinging Jaw Stock.

Drive is through a pulley of suitable size or through ‘V’ grove machined on Flywheels.

The main shaft and the Jaw stock are running on four two each self aligning heavy duty double row roller /Ball bearing fitted in airtight housings.



A. Jaw Stock : Heavy duty cast Iron to hold the Swinging Jaw.

B. Swinging Jaw: Made of manganese Steel. They are replaceable and can be used both ways.

C. Cheek Plates: Are for holding in fixed jaw and they also protect the body.

D. Fixed Jaw: Are also made of manganese steel.

E. Tie Bar: For holding Jaw stock.

F. Toggel plates: To impart rolling motion to the Jaw Stock.

G. Fly Wheel: Made of heavy duty cast Iron to give momentum to crusher.

H. Bearing: Double row self aligning roller/Ball bearing fitted in Jaw stocks & main shaft in dust proof housings.

I.  Control Lever: To adjust the opning of Jaws.

J. Adjusting Block: To impart forward & backward motion to Jaw stock.


Technical Data Table

The Below capacities are approximate only and for dry materials also Specifications are subject to change due to constant development.
Size Production T/HourRPM Reqd.Power Reqd.
150 X 751/21/21-3503 to 5
225 X 1001/21232757.5 to 10
300 X 1251.53422010 to 15
300 X 225356.517520 to 25

Designed By: Rass Biosolution Pvt. Ltd.