Spices / Masala Grinding Mill



SINGHASINI Manufacturer of SPICE Mills with integral separator provide an automatic dust free complete system for medium to fine grinding of wide variety of spices, ayurvedic and other foodstuffs. They are suitable for handling chilies, turmeric, coriander, mix SPICE, herbs, roots, leaves, saw dust, cattle feed, bran, filtered cakes, sugar and other foodstuffs.

Working Principle:

SINGHASINI manufacturer of The SPICE MILL is multipurpose economy mill for spices grinding, which can handle lumpy and irregular size materials to produce coarse to medium fine powder. The material is fed to the mill through manual feeder where it is ground by Impact, Shearing, Crushing, and Auto collision of materials. The person feeding the material controls feeding to any desired rate. The material from the feeding hopper is fed directly in the grinding chamber and is conveyed to the periphery of the chamber through a series of beaters, thus gradually reducing them to the desired fineness .The mill is a swing hammer type machine incorporating a centrifugal blower for delivering ground material to cyclone collector. Sieve of required mesh is placed at the bottom of the chamber and allow the pulverised material to be ejected to centrifugal blower. Centrifugal blower makes timely and instant removal of ground material being discharged through fineness controlling sieve at the bottom half of the mill.

Constant flow of air from a blower sweeps the fine material through pipes to special type of high efficiency wrap around entry type of cyclone from where the ground product can be collected and bagged. The excess air from the system is purged out through a tubular type of dust collector and thus makes the complete grinding system dust less in operation.

The Mill is so designed to give cooler powdering operation, and hence vital properties of powder like color, taste, flavor etc. are retained to its maximum level possible.


The SPICE MILL is fabricated out of thick M.S. Plates for better accuracy and high strength. The upper half of the mill is lined with specially designed, sharp edged shearing type of Striking plate for better cutting action and the lower half has M.S./S.S. Perforated sieve. Both the striking plate and sieve frame are guided by special type of grooved ring for easy removal and cleaning purpose.

The Main Shaft is supported on heavy duty self-aligning type Ball/Roller Bearings fitted in dust proof C.I. Bearing Housings. The main shaft carries the rotor disc on which are pivoted the knife edged steel hammers. These hammers are reversible type so that they can be turned round when the leading face is worn out, thus securing max life for hammers. Blower is made of thick gauge M.S. Sheet and shaft impeller system. Cyclones, pipes and dust collector are fabricated of M.S. Sheets.


  • SINGHASINI SPICE MILL Complete as per our standard supply fitted with set of hammers, liners, feed hopper, V-pulley for mill and three numbers of M.S. Perforated screen, each of 0.5 mm,1.0 mm, and 3.0mm dia hole.
  • Rigid M.S. Frame for mounting the machine.
  • Cyclone collector fabricated out of 14 Swg. M.S. Sheet, with M.S. Ducting.
  • Set of cloth filter bags.
  • Mounting arrangement for filter bags.



Technical Data Spice Mill

Red Chilies30 - 6050 - 70100 - 125175 - 200350 -400600-800
Turmeric60 - 10050 - 80130 - 150200 - 225450 -500800-1000
CorianderOct-6046 - 6080 - 100140 - 160300 -325550-650
Mixed SpicesOct-6040 - 6080 - 100140 - 160300 -325550-650
Ayurvedic Items30 - 8050 - 70100 - 125175 - 200350 -400600-800
Motor Recommended (H.P. X R.P.M.)-10 X 150020 X 150030 X 150050 X 1500100 X1500
Space Required (Ft X Ft)-9 X 910 X 1015 X 1520 X 2025 X 35
1 The above capacities are approximate only and for dry materials.
2 Specifications are subject to change due to constant development.


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