Digital Auto Feed Controller


SINGHASINI offers Digital (Automatic) Feed Controller suitable for operating Pulverisers automatically & to achieve maximum feed rate. It is seen that all the Pulverisers have problems regarding armature burning of Heavy & Expensive Motor due to uncontrolled feed / overloading in the machine & consequently all the Pulverisers are generally run at a lower ampere load resulting in less production. Further, due to operator / labor negligence, the machine often runs idle or at a much lower ampere.

SINGHASINI Digital (Automatic) Feed Controller solves all the above problems. The Controller feeds the material into the Pulveriser based upon the ampere load of the main motor, cuts the feed if the machine runs on overload and increases the feed if the machine runs on under load condition. Further, if due to any reason the machine is being run at a lower ampere than given, the signal goes to the Hooter.

SINGHASINI Offers Controllers in two sizes:

  • Digital (Automatic) Feed Controller model Autofeed-1, Suitable for main motors up to 60 H.P.
  • Digital (Automatic) Feed Controller model Autofeed-2, Suitable for main motors of 75 to 100 H.P.

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