Ultrafine Pulverisers Grinding upto 5 Microns

SINGHASINI Ultra fine Pulverisers are impact type, high speed, air swept, swing hammer type, multipurpose grinding mills capable of grinding soft to medium hard minerals & chemicals up to the hardness of 2.5 – 3.0 Moh’s. The main mill is supplied with Automatic Feeder, High Efficiency Cyclone Air Separator along with Surge Drum & Air Lock Valve for better collection efficiency, Reverse Jet Pulse Air Bag Filter / Dust Collector along with Automatic Cleaning System for Bags & Air Lock Valve for better efficiency & a special type of Exhaust Air Centrifugal Blower. The material of construction of internal parts of Pulveriser main mill, cyclone air separator, bag filter / dust collector & exhaust air blower varies as per individual requirement. The Ultra fine Pulveriser is supplied with Digital (Automatic) Feed Controller for maximum / optimum feeding.

Ultra fine grinding is achieved by compression, shear, abrasion, attrition and impact of hammers / beaters on the materials against the replaceable serrated striking plates. The strong suction blower sucks the pulverized product and the air stream inside the mill carries the result product. In between the fan and the grinding chamber (having beaters / hammers) is the Whizzer Classifier consisting of blades with tips tapered to conform the contour of whizzer classifier cone. Counter current is set up at the periphery indicated by arrows; it rejects the coarse material back to the grinding chamber for re-grinding. Clamping the whizzer clamp at a suitable position can control fineness. The entire wearing parts consisting of grinding chamber, whizzer classifier and blower are lined with replaceable lining plates.

The function of High Efficiency Cyclone Separator is to separate the ultra fine pulverised materials from air which is sucked by the exhaust air centrifugal blower to reverse jet pulse air bag filter / dust collector to complete the open circuit grinding system. Inside the cyclone the dust laden gas enters a cylindrical chamber tangentially and leaves through a central opening. The air path forms a double vortex with the air spiraling downward at the outside and upward at the inside. The excess air coming in the system with feed material, etc. is bled off through reverse jet pulse air bag filter / dust collector and thus making the entire grinding operation totally dust less.

The function of the Reverse-Pulse Filter (frequently termed a reverse-jet pulse air bag filter / dust collector), the filter bag forms a sleeve that is drawn over a wire cage, which is usually cylindrical. The cage supports the fabric on the clean-gas side, and the dust is collected on the outside of the bag.  A venturi nozzle is located in the clean-gas outlet from the bag.  For cleaning, a jet of high-velocity air is directed through the venturi nozzle and into the bag inducing a flow of cleaned gas to enter the bag and flow through the fabric to the dirty-gas side.  The high-velocity jet is released in a sudden, short pulse (typical duration 100 ms or less) from a compressed air line by a solenoid valve.  The pulse of air and clean gas expands the bag and dislodges the collected dust.  Rows of bags are cleaned in a timed sequence by programmed operation of the solenoid valves.  The pressure of the pulse is sufficient to dislodge the dust without cessation of the gas flow through the filter unit.

The entire system works under suction except blower to cyclone pipe, which is under pressure. The grinding chamber is provided with a special type of Trap Iron Pocket Where small pieces of iron, nuts & bolts etc. are trapped. There is a special type of Silica Separator attached inside the grinding chamber to remove free silica and other heavier impurities present in the raw material continuously from the grinding chamber. The main advantage of silica separator is, that it reduces the wear & tear inside the machine and also improves the quality of the product being grinded.

Fine Heat sensitive materials like Urea, B.H.C., Lindane which have low melting point or materials like Dyes, Pigments, Kattha etc etc.. Which have a tendency to change color during grinding may also be grinded easily with our open circuit grinding system. Given below is the table indicating the pulverising capacity on average basis however the capacity figures will vary from case to case depending upon several factors. These figures are meant for guidance only.



  • Lower Power Consumption.
  • Fineness Control.
  • Automatic Feeder.
  • Low Operation & Maintenance Cost.
  • High Grinding Efficiency.
  • Whizzer Classifier.
  • Open Circuit Grinding.
  • Trap Iron Pocket.
  • High Efficiency Cyclone Separator.
  • Rever jet Pulse Air Bag Filter.
  • Continuous Silica separator.
  • High Reduction Ratio.
  • Heavy Duty Construction.
  • More than Sixty Year of Experience.

Few Applications of SINGHASINI Superfine Pulveriser

Activated CarbonFeldsparOrganic InsecticidesPyrophyllite
AsbestosGraphitePhosphate RockCarbon Black
BarytesGypsumPigmentsHydrated Lime
BauxiteHydrated LimeSpicesActivate Calcium Carbonate
BentoniteKaolinSoap StoneOchres
Calcium OxideLime StoneSulphurRed Oxide
China ClayMagnesiteSynthetic ResinsLead Oxide
Battery SeparatorAutoclave Aerated ConcreteAcid Activated Bleaching EarthAyurvedic Medicine Herbs
DolomiteMagnesium OxideTalc PhosphatesLitharge.....many more

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