Sulphur Grinding Mills


SINGHASINI SULPHUR GRINDING MILL with integral separator provide an automatic comparatively dust free complete system for medium to fine grinding and classification of Sulphur.The grinding operation in Singhasini Sulphur Grinding Mills is performed under INERT GAS / NITROGEN ATMOSPHERE on the principle of attrition and compression, which results due to the centrifugal force generated from the suspended Rollers running inside a stationary Bull Ring.

The Sulphur to be pulverized enters the grinding chamber through an automatic feeder and falls onto the mill floor whereby it is scooped up by steel ploughs into the nip space between the rollers and the bull ring where grinding takes place.

A constant quantity of air is circulated through the mill and system. The air from centrifugal blower via ‘S’ Bend enters the mill through a series of tangential ports round the base of grinding chamber and sweeps the fine and medium fine Sulphur to the classifier above the grinding chamber leaving no ground material in the chamber and allowing the rollers to work efficiently crushing the coarse Sulphur.The Classifier separates the Pulverized sulphur and coarser particles return back to the grinding chamber for further size reduction. Fine Sulphur is carried by air to the cyclone air separator where air and ground material are separated and collected. The clean air is returned to the blower for close circuit grinding operation.

For providing dustless operation, the mill is operated under negative pressure and is equipped with dust collection system where surplus air in the circuit is vented and fine dust is collected in the dust collector bags.


The following are the main parts of the Roller Mill:

  1. Grinding Chamber.
  2. Classifier.
  3. Cyclone Air Separator & Tank.
  4. Centrifugal Blower.
  5. ‘S’ Bend.
  6. Dust Collector and connecting pipes.
  7. Automatic Feeder


01. Grinding Chamber:

Fitted with a main vertical shaft carrying a heavy duty M.S. Fabricated Spider from which roller assembly (3 nos.) is suspended. These Rollers run on their own anti-friction bearing while traveling around the Bull Ring. Cast Ploughs are firmly attached near the bottom end of the main shaft. The Grinding Chamber Bottom of the Roller Mill is of Heavy Duty Cast Iron provided with tangential ports through which air enters the mill. A replaceable alloy steel Bull Ring is fitted in the Grinding Chamber Bottom against which the Rollers revolve.The Grinding Chamber top of the Roller Mill is of Heavy Duty Cast Iron. For access to the Rollers & inside of the mill, an Inspection door is provided. An automatic star feeder is attached on Grinding Chamber top for feeding the Sulphur. Supports for the Bracket is also provided on the top that secure Cast Iron Bracket in between which the main shaft runs on anti friction heavy duty bearings.The main shaft is made out of EN-8, accurately machined, upon which the Spider and plough is fixed. The 3-Rollers are suspended on Spider. The drive end of the main shaft consists of a heavy-duty gearbox.


02. Classifier:

Singhasini Roller Mills are equipped with Whizzer type of Classifier for separation of coarse Sulphur particles from that of fine. The fineness of Sulphur can be controlled by setting the R.P.M. of the Classifier Wheel and / or adjusting the gap in between the impeller blades of the classifier wheel and that of it’s body. The Classifier is made out of heavy-duty mild steel plate, driven through a Bevel Gear arrangement. The R.P.M. can varied depending upon the fineness and production required. Higher the R.P.M., higher the fineness – lower the production.


03. Cyclone Air Separator & Tank:

Cyclone is connected to the Classifier via bend and pipe. The function of the Cyclone is to separate the grinded Sulphur from the air. At the discharge end of the Cyclone, a rotary Air Lock Valve is provided along with gearbox. The Sulphur is continuously discharged from the Air Lock Valve. Cyclone, Classifier & Cyclone pipe and its bend are fabricated out of heavy-duty mild steel sheet. A Tank is provided after the Cyclone Air Separator, which is connected to the Cyclone via bend and pipe. The function of the Tank is to collect a part of the fine dust that escapes the Cyclone. The Tank is designed in such a manner that the fine dust gets settled in there. The Centrifugal Blower sucks the air along with the very fine dust that cannot be collected in the Tank. A part of this goes to the Dust Collector for further filtration through Dust Collector Bags. The balance gets re-circulated back in the Mill.


04. Centrifugal Blower:

The Centrifugal Blower is suitably designed, made of thick M.S. plate lined inside with suitable type of liners having independent V-belt drive.


05. S-Bend:

M.S. Fabricated, heavily reinforced, ‘S’ Bend is provided at the discharge end of the Centrifugal Blower that guides the air into the Grinding Chamber Bottom of the Main Mill.


06. Dust Collector & Connecting Pipes:

The function of the open type of dust collector is to filter out excess air from the mill and arrest very fine dust particles in the Dust Collector Bags.


07. Automatic Feeder:

An Automatic Feeder is provided for feeding the raw Sulphur in the Mill. The Sulphur is put into the Hopper. It is Rotary type having cast iron body. It is designed to take care of the quantity and size of feed material and provided with Paul & Ratchet mechanism and a gearbox.



  • Lower Power Consumption.
  • Inert Gas Atmosphere / Nitrogen Generation Plant for Smooth Grinding Operation.
  • Fineness Control.
  • Automatic Feeder.
  • Low Operation & Maintenance Cost.
  • High Grinding Efficiency.
  • Explosion Vents / Safety Membrane Valves / Isolation Valves at different places.
  • Whizzer Classifier.
  • Open Circuit Grinding / Closed Circuit Grinding along with Nitrogen Generation System.
  • Trap Iron Pocket / Heavy Duty Permanent Magnets at different places.
  • High Efficiency Cyclone Separator.
  • Open Bag Filter (Open Circuit Grinding) / Reverse Jet Pulse Air Bag Filter (Closed Circuit Grinding).
  • Continuous Silica separator.
  • High Reduction Ratio.
  • Heavy Duty Construction.
  • More than Sixty Year of Experience.
  • Exported Systems to various Country.


MILL SIZEOutput Kgs/Hr for 200 MeshOutput Kgs/Hr 325 for MeshMain Mill (H.P.)Blower (H.P.)Classifier (H.P.)Air Lock Valve (H.P.)Automatic Feeder (H.P.)
Size No. 31600 to 1800800 to 9004040522
Size No. 1500 to 600250 to 3001515211
Size No. 21000 to 1200500 to 6002525312

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